Requirements:Linux Distributionpython3A Shell Interface My Setup:Debian GNU/Linux for some examples, ArchLinux for others.python3BASH Normally within a program, when you want to do something if a condition is met, you would use conditional statements. There are a couple conditional statements that python supports. This includes : if – “If this statement is true, do this” elif […]

Variables And Datatypes

Requirements:1. Linux Distribution2. python33. A Shell Interface My Setup:1. Debian GNU/Linux2. python33. BASH Despite the fact that python is a dynamically typed, variables still have a type to them. Variables are locations in memory which you may store values to be used within your program. The fundamental data types consist of : None – object […]

Introduction To Python

Requirements:Linux Distributionpython3A Shell Interface My Setup:Debian GNU/Linuxpython3BASH Python is a general-purpose programming language created by Guido Van Rossum. It is an interpreted language. This means that when you run a python program, it is run through an interpreter, which will parse the program on a line by line basis, rather then a compiled programs, which […]