Loops Requirements: Linux Distribution g++ any text editor My Setup: Debian 10 g++ version 6.3.0 pluma Sometimes you need to repeat a couple functions or statements multiple times. For this, you would use a looping mechanism. Today i will go over 4 types of loops. Those include : while, do/while, for, for each. While : […]


Vectors: Vectors are essentially dynamic arrays. With an array, you have a set amount of variables of a specified type. You can not change the size if you need to add another variable, or decide to take a variable out. In order to do this, you need a vector. Also, you might need this for […]

File System Hierarchy

The Linux File System Hierarchy It is without a doubt, if you come from from windows, you notice the file system is extremely different. There are no capital letters specifying where you are on the system like “C:\” , instead when you open up a shell, you are most likely in what it considers your […]

File Permissions

File Permissions in Linux File permissions are a key aspect to any modern operating system. Some files should not be accessed by regular users, or they may corrupt a program that requires those files. The way the syntax for what i am about to perform is such: [1][2][3][4] – rwx — — 1. Type of […]


Conditionals Requirements: Linux Distribution g++ any text editor My Setup: Debian 10 g++ version 6.3.0 pluma Welcome back to another tutorial on C++! Today we will be going over conditional statements, such as if/else if/else statements, as well as switches and ternary statements. Conditional statements are used to determine what is executed next. If a […]

Debian Package Management

Debian Package Management Requirements: Debian Based Linux Distribution: (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint,etc) When it comes to managing your software, Linux distributions make it fairly easy to install, update, or remove installed programs. This is mostly done with package managers. Today i will be going over Debian’s package manager. dpkg is the software at the core […]

Variables in C++

Variables in C++ Requirements: Linux Distribution g++ any text editor My Setup: Debian 10 g++ version 6.3.0 pluma In this tutorial, i will be talking about variables in C++. Variables are the building blocks of a program. Their values determine what what is going on within a program. There are many types of variables, and […]

Writing a Guessing Game

Writing a Guessing Game Requirements: Linux Distribution C Compiler a shell interface My Setup: Debian GNU/Linux GCC BASH So i wanted to write a couple tutorials on simple command line games in languages like C and C++. In this tutorial, i will write a simple guessing game with a couple of different levels of difficulties. […]

Common Linux Command-Line Tools

Basic Linux Commands Welcome to this general tutorial on basic Linux commands. To get started you will need a Linux Distribution. Thats it. All Distributions come with a shell enviornment, whether its a desktop-interface-shell like mate-terminal (like i use) to an initial command line if you dont have a desktop manager. This is a very […]