Libre C-Math

7/14/19: LCMath

LCMath is a library which adds different datatypes regarding fractions, vectors, and matrices, along with functions to manipulate them. They are written as vector#T where # is between 2-4 , and the T is either i for int, u for unsigned int , f for float,  c for char or g for void * (which i considered “generic” ) .  I used those characters to describe matrices as well, however the matrices are defined by their columns, rows, and then a pointer to their data. The fractions however, are written with size-fixed integers. int8_t thru int64_t , and are named frac#_t where # is the size of the integers being used.  I wrote this small yet modular library, as a piece of a bigger project to come, the game engine, but ill leave that for another time. As of right now this library is as complete as i currently would like it to be, but is subject to change if a suggestion is given .

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