The Development of the Libre-OS

Ive had an ambitious project for a while . About 3 years now, I have been studying operating system development, to write a hobby operating system with completely free software. I started with the entry code, which is written in assembly, and used grub to boot it. The entry code simply pushed a couple variables […]

Libre C-Math

7/14/19: LCMath LCMath is a library which adds different datatypes regarding fractions, vectors, and matrices, along with functions to manipulate them. They are written as vector#T where # is between 2-4 , and the T is either i for int, u for unsigned int , f for float,  c for char or g for void […]

My Current Projects

This site has been a bit inactive, and i apologize, however, i have been working on a multitude of projects. I have a free software repository consisting of scripts, libraries, and programs called the libre initiative, you can find it here . On top of that, i have been working on an operating system which […]